Deckel NC Milling Machine Web Site






Welcome to the Deckel NC Milling Machine site !



Welcome to the Deckel NC Milling Machine Site!

A site where information about these fine machines is collected and presented to the interested visitor.

This Deckel NC information repository is intended to provide general information about the Deckel FP NC series milling machines. It will attempt to provide detailed information about the machines, the history behind them, their capabilities, documentation about them, repair hints, service requirements and so on.

It is a site by an enthusiast for enthusiasts, and for people who just want to learn something, including how to fix their machine.

Since this site is not mature, please be patient as it grows slowly.




It is the aim of this site to eventually be fully sponsored by DMG and have full access to the company archives, warehouses and suppliers.   Of course currently no affiliation exists.



Although the age of Deckel NC machines is not that high compared to other things, information is sometimes hard to come by and information obtained can be very confusing. It is therefore certain that this web page will contain many errors and inacuracies.